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This career development program offers existing and aspiring franchise professionals and entrepreneurs the opportunity to grow professionally and reach a recognised standard of excellence within the local and international franchise community.


The EFA is committed to lifting the standards of education in the franchising sector and offering a quality support service to the entire community’s educational needs.


To be the primary access point for specialist franchising education and information including a broad range of courses that meet the specific needs of the sector.


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Our Most Popular Courses​

Learn How To Coach And Support Franchisees To Radically Increase Their Revenues and Profits!

Supporting Franchisees shows you the "HOW" and "WHAT" to effectively coach franchisees so they stop struggling and start to make record revenues and profits . . . month after month!

For now, all courses and workshops are ONLINE! We will go back to in-person courses “soon”..

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Diploma of Franchise Manager

Our program is structured to provide you with a broader knowledge of and improved competencies in the foundational components related to franchise management. Through a blend of onlin learning the program integrates case studies, interactive exercises and strategies.

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Advanced Diploma in Business Management

The Advanced Diploma in Business Management coursework component of the programme is designed to equip students with a sound understanding of the key management theories, methodologies and practices.

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Diploma of Retail Management

It provides the skills and knowledge required by those who hold or wish to hold higher management positions. It applies to those who are providing support to senior management in a larger retail or wholesale outlet or who are responsible for managing a retail store.

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Be in Demand with Our Professional Training

From a corporate perspective, our business clients consistently tell us that their real competitive advantage is their people... their skills, strategies, initiative, innovation, processes and work ethics. With this in mind we partner with clients to maximise the potential of the entire team through effective training courses conducted in-house, at a public venue - or options for a number of courses via E Learning and Distance Learning.

Mr. Anton Costin — Founder & CEO.

With online school, students can learn at anytime from anywhere. It’s portable, flexible and affordable.

Online learning allows a student to progress at their own pace within a term. No more being forced to move forward in a topic before understanding it nor being held back when other students don’t understand something. Students can learn online at their own pace and at a time of day that suits.

Online learning can sometimes be met with skepticism – that it isn’t a substitute for the in-classroom experience. For some this is true, but learning is highly idiosyncratic and we all process content and methods differently. European Franchise Academy offers a variety of options, from virtual teacher led classroom environments to fully self-led online content to cater for all learning styles. Our teachers specialise in creating wonderful learning experiences across all learning platforms.

All our training courses are personalised to our clients’ individual needs prior to course commencement to achieve your specific goals. Our teams of accredited facilitators deliver modules based on easily applied skills/techniques designed to achieve lasting performance improvement. Programs are fun and highly interactive.

Discover the Benefits of Online Learning at European Franchise Academy

100% Online

We take pride in offering the best selection of competitively priced online degree programs that you can pay by the course.


European Franchise Academy programs are career-aligned and provide you with practical experience to show current and future employers.

Highly Qualified

Our online students benefit from one-on-one attention from faculty with a broad range of experience in the field.