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The founding members of the European Franchise Academy are: European Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Franchise (CECIF) and Romanian Franchise Association.

The European Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Franchise (CECIF)  is one of the most important forums for representing European business people. The exponent of the free market economy, the European Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Franchise has actively contributed to the development of the business environment and, implicitly, of Romania. One of the biggest challenges of today is maintaining economic competitiveness, and CECIF’s efforts are mainly aimed at supporting enterprises of all sizes and in all sectors, by providing opportunities and information, access to new ideas and innovation, expertise and support.  CECIF consults and supports the inclusion of the opinions of the business environment in the debates on the public agenda and promotes the opinions, needs and desideratum of the business community in the elaboration and implementation of public policies.

The Romanian Franchise Association is the voice of ethical franchising in the Romania, the Trade Association for those who pass accreditation, and educator to the many potential individuals and businesses that consider franchising. It is just as important for the Romanian Franchise Association to encourage and help those businesses and individuals who are suitable for franchising and where franchising is right for them, as it is to educate those unsuitable to the industry of the many aspects to be considered. As well as providing information and advice to businesses wanting to franchise or people considering joining a franchise, the Romanian Franchise Association also works closely with its members to help advance their expertise in the industry and speaks on their behalf to the media and government.