Diploma of Retail Management

To undertake this qualification, individuals would be required to have retail management experience in roles, such as:

  • managing store presentation and pricing
  • leading and managing people
  • providing a safe working environment.




Diploma of Retail Management

Students learn from the ground up how a business is run, and giving them principles they can later apply to their own business projects. This coursework focuses on business regulation, ownership philosophies, and structures that can be applied to create well-managed businesses. Topics include employment hierarchies and management structures.

Retail Industry is one of the fastest growing & challenging industries in the world & contributes the economic growth of the country. From past few years in the retail sector demand for skilled professionals has increased. Retail management is the right career for those having the interest in merchandise, market & marketing, advertising, sales, campaigning and market research.

The Job opportunities are available in this field such as departmental stores, supply chains, advertising agencies, supermarkets, etc. this field involves a direct communication with the customer & coordinating the business activities. Students who are specialists in retail management are known as Retail Managers.

The following table contains a summary of the employability skills as identified by the retail industry for this qualification. The employability skills facets described here are broad industry requirements that may vary depending on qualification packaging options.
Due to the high proportion of electives required by this qualification, the industry/enterprise requirements described above for each employability skill are representative of the business-to-business industry in general and may not reflect specific job roles. Learning and assessment strategies for this qualification should be based on the requirements of the units of competency for this qualification.
Employability skillIndustry/enterprise requirements for this qualification include:
Communicationnegotiate effectively with business suppliers, team members and other managers on business requirements, values, directions and day-to-day operational matters
research, read, analyse and communicate workplace information to team members and other managers
write reports and complete business documentation in the context of the job role
Teamworklead a retail or wholesale business team, mentoring and supporting team members in the context of a store or business management role
participate in wider retail or wholesale business supervisory or management teams and networks, working independently to complete own tasks and also supporting other managers and team members where appropriate
Problem-solvingapply strategic thinking to solve a range of operational retail or wholesale business problems, individually or in the context of a wider team management structure
evaluate ideas in the context of practical business application and anticipate the implications and consequences of decisions
review results and provide feedback to relevant team members and external customers
Initiative and enterprisecreate an operational business team customer service and continuous improvement environment across all performance areas
provide positive feedback, encourage team to do things better and be personally receptive to team members’ innovative ideas
translate ideas into action by creating a framework for practical implementation and review
Planning and organisingestablish and communicate clear goals and deliverables for self and team members in the context of organisational objectives and the current business situation
coordinate resources to ensure that work is carried out according to timelines and priorities
Self-managementunderstand how own job role fits into the context of the wider business values and directions
work within a retail or wholesale business culture by practising customer-focused and inclusive behaviour
manage personal presentation and time
prioritise, delegate and complete tasks
maintain own knowledge of the job role, review own performance, actively seek and build effective professional networks and act on advice and guidance
Learningidentify personal strengths and weaknesses in the context of the job role and recognise how to personally learn best
seek opportunities for formal education in the context of a current role or future retail job opportunities
accept opportunities to learn new ways of doing things and share knowledge and skills with other managers and team members
Technologyadapt to new business-related technology skill requirements and select and use retail or other information and communications technology where relevant to support business operations and planning in the context of key business performance objectives and personal job role

Course curricula



Lead and manage organisational change

  1. Identify change requirements and opportunities
  2. Develop change management strategy
  3. Implement change management strategy


Contribute to organisation development

  1. Develop organisation development plan
  2. Implement organisation development activities
  3. Maintain organisation development program


Manage the marketing process

  1. Manage marketing performance
  2. Manage marketing personnel
  3. Evaluate and improve strategic marketing performance


Manage international marketing programs

  1. Formulate international marketing objectives
  2. Determine international marketing approach
  3. Manage international marketing performance
  4. Evaluate and improve international marketing performance


Manage finances

  1. Plan for financial management
  2. Establish budgets and allocate funds
  3. Implement budget
  4. Report on finances


Manage human resources strategic planning

  1. Research planning requirements
  2. Develop human resource strategic plan
  3. Implement human resource strategic plan


Evaluate international marketing opportunities

  1. Review global market environment
  2. Assess international business and electronic commerce market factors
  3. Identify risk factors for international marketing opportunities
  4. Investigate international business and electronic commerce marketing opportunities


Develop workplace policies and procedures for sustainability

  1. Develop workplace sustainability policy
  2. Communicate workplace sustainability policy
  3. Implement workplace sustainability policy
  4. Review workplace sustainability policy implementation

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This qualification provides the skills and knowledge required by those who hold or wish to hold higher management positions. It applies to those who are providing support to senior management in a larger retail or wholesale outlet or who are responsible for managing a retail store or wholesale outlet.