Diploma of Franchise Manager

The following assessment methods are used to assess units of competency. All units of competencies are assessed using more than one method so successful completion of the unit of competency will only be judged after candidate successfully completing each individual assessment
Methods of assessment include:

  • Written questions
  • Case Study
  • Reflection / Journal
  • Project / Assignment
  • Portfolio
  • Role play
  • Observation



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Entry semester winter, autumn, spring, summer

Diploma of Franchise Manager is designed for all individuals seeking to learn about franchising, the franchise model, and the key tenets of business format franchising. Our program is structured to provide you with a broader knowledge of and improved competencies in the foundational components related to franchise management. Through a blend of online learning , the program integrates case studies, interactive exercises. By the end of the program, you’ll feel confident in your ability to approach, evaluate, and effectively respond to all aspects and challenges of managing in a franchise environment. Please note: All classes will be held in a Flex Learning format.

Course Outcomes and Pathways

The outcome for this qualification is either Diploma of Franchise Manager or, should the candidate depart the course before it has been completed, a Statement of Attainment for the units in which competency has been demonstrated will be issued.

Study pathway:

After completing Diploma of Franchise Manager, candidates may choose to undertake:
  • Advanced Diploma of Business or other relevant advanced diploma level business qualifications
  • Or other relevant higher education business qualifications
  • After completing Diploma of Franchise Manager, candidates may choose to undertake:
  • Differentiate franchise business models
  • Determine critical success factors for managing a franchise
  • Identify and leverage emerging trends in the franchise industry
  • Analyze risk and reward to inform probability of success in franchising

Employment pathway:

Employment outcomes from this qualification may include:
  • Franchisor or Franchise Manager of one or more sites of a franchise within any sector

Course curricula

  • Introduction to Franchising
  • Aspects of Franchising
  • Franchisee and Operating Franchise
  • Franchise Sales and Broker
  • Multiunit Franchising
  • International Franchising
  • Social Franchising
  • Clarify requirements for working within a franchise
  • Clarify own contribution to meeting compliance requirements
  • Review own contribution to franchise operations
  • Establish procedures for managing a franchise operation
  • Implement procedures for managing a franchise operation
  • Review a franchise operation

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