What is the diploma supplement?

What is the diploma supplement?

The diploma supplement is an information document that facilitates the understanding of qualifications by employers and educational institutions.
When you want to get a job or take a course abroad, it can be difficult to explain what you have learned in your studies. This is when the diploma supplement can help you.

What information does it contain?

The diploma supplement provides information about your personal achievements, including course credits, grades and learning content.

Includes information confirming:

the type and level of qualification awarded
the institution that issued the qualification
course content and results obtained
details about the national education system
This information helps employers or educational institutions to more easily understand what qualifications you have, and allows you to take the next step professionally or educationally.

How can you get the diploma supplement?

You can request a diploma supplement from the higher education institution where you studied.
Graduates from more than 40 countries have the right to receive the diploma supplement automatically and free of charge, in one of the main European languages.

Examples of diploma supplements
Your diploma + diploma supplement = the perfect combination for a job or a course in another European country.